Year: 2012

Food for thought…

It occurred to me recently that if suddenly every road and airstrip leading to Winona was shut down, we would still be eating pretty well here. Strange thought, I know, but stay with me. No, I wasn’t watching Doomsday Preppers,

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If You Build It…

So I’ve been thinking some deep thoughts lately about our lovely little city of Winona and I’ve arrived at a fundamental question – the chicken and egg kind that has an impossibly circular answer and leaves me confounded. Instead of

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Thanks for the memories~

When you live in a town for long enough, everywhere you go conjures up a memory, and when enough of those are good memories, then you just fall in love with a place over and over again. It’s kind of

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Company’s Coming…

Fix your hair and put on something pretty Winona because company’s coming… and this is going to be quite a visit. In about a month Winona gets to play host to the Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener – a media blitz-o-rama

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The lost blog – Shout-outs to a fine town

So I’ve been sitting here wondering why one of my flowing missives was not showing up – wondering where exactly it had wandered off to, or if the cruel cyber-gods had just eaten it like a little word snack. Well

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Fresh air and river livin’

I have to say, living next to one of the country’s most beautiful waterways has a few perks. For starters, it’s beautiful, and there is likely no one who has ever passed this way who doesn’t recall the crystalline blue

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Taste this, Winona

If there was ever one place where you could see, touch, and taste everything good about Winona, it is – without question – the Annual Taste of Winona and Arts Auction. And I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. Just kidding, fighting

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Good Advice all around

While perusing my Facebook page the other day I came across the most interesting post. It was from a woman I know here in Winona who had her 14-year-old cousin in town and was polling people for ideas on things

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A whole lot of Shakespeare going on

I confess that when it comes to the Great River Shakespeare Festival I may have become elevated to full groupie status. I just can’t help it. And stick with me – I’ll be giving away GRSF tickets at the end

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Winona’s summertime goodness

Here’s the thing about Winona: If you can’t find something to do, you’re probably sitting in a closet. Especially right now. This month – this moment – is my absolute favorite time of year here because there is a staggering

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