Where is the trail to Sugar Loaf?

Reaching nearly 85 feet into the sky, Sugar Loaf is a storied symbol of Winona and known by all as its most distinguishing landmark. Hiking trails along its newly-updated front side of Sugar Loaf bluff offer adventure seekers a unique vantage point to see the city. Users, which consist of any silent sport (non-motorized), can utilize the trail that begins behind Edina Realty. Parking is available on Lake Boulevard; not in Edina Realty or Treasures Under Sugar Loaf.

To climb to the top of Sugar Loaf , it is advised to use climbing equipment.

Sugar Loaf climbing information

A review by a hiker: “The new trailhead is just behind the Edina Realty Office on East Lake Boulevard. You park on Lake Boulevard, walk up the Edina Realty driveway and up some steps, then start the trail which goes west and up along the bluff for about a quarter mile, before switching back to climb up to the base of the Sugarloaf Rock. It’s a pretty easy hike for all ages in tennis shoes. It was bit muddy in places, so hiking boots with good tread might be more comfortable, especially after rain. There’s a great view and nice places to take photos. Definitely worth the time: about 20 minutes up, spend 20 around the top, then 20 minutes back down.”