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Five Things Families Love About Winona

Between its culture-rich arts and adrenalin-infused outdoor recreation, Winona is a legendary playground for grown-ups. But families with kids from 2 to 20 are finding plenty of ways to indulge in perfect summer days here too, with an abundance of

5 Reasons You Should Visit Winona in March

In cold-weather states, March Madness is about a lot more than basketball — it’s about a state of mind, as it’s not quite winter and it’s not yet spring and that limbo-land causes cabin fever to surge. So here in

Visit Winona Launches Winona Originals Campaign

Underscoring how unique it is to have so many extraordinary, original festivals all created in one city, Visit Winona, the area’s convention and visitor bureau, has launched the Winona Originals, a collective brand that spotlights each of Winona’s festivals and

Best Late-Fall Color in Winona

The hills of Southeastern Minnesota are awash in the fading hues of fall, and it seems like the autumn color show might be over. But while the rest of Minnesota is winding down its fall color display, there are places

River Lovers Unite

I have to say, living next to one of the country’s most beautiful waterways has a few perks. For starters, it’s breathtaking and there is likely no one who has ever passed this way who doesn’t vividly recall the crystalline blue

Setting the Bar on Small City (and Big City) Greatness

So I was in New York City recently and all I can say is wow, Winona, you’ve got it going on. I’m going to be so bold as to say that, per square foot and per capita, Winona is standing

Goodbye winter!

Finally, it’s warming up and spring is here. Well maybe finally. We all know Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor, and there has been more than one daffodil whose dreams have been crushed by several inches of snow

Even Frozen, We’re the City of Festivals

It’s winter. I know — it’s the kind of season that makes you want to hunker down under a blanket to watch a good movie. Well, here in Winona, we like to hunker down too, but we do it together

The Local Connection

First of all, WELCOME to my new little corner on Visit Winona’s new digs. I hope you take a look around, because there are some cool updates, and Visit Winona is rocking a pretty sweet website right now. Also, if

Dressed for Company

If you’ve ever been within 50 miles of Winona in the fall, than you know this city absolutely could not look more sensational than it does right now. Turn-of-the-century streets are lined with the brilliant hues of autumn, and a

Cynthya Porter

Cynthya Porter

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