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A River Worthy of a Bow Tie

You know, living here right next to the Mississippi River, it’s pretty easy to begin to take for granted just how freaking fantastic it is. I mean seriously, it’s the fourth longest river in the world, and a U.S. geologic

Putting the Epic in Epicenter

Let’s face it, Winona is kind of the epicenter of everything that’s good about the Midwest. Sound like puffery? Not a bit. And let me tell you why… I had this epiphany during a conversation with a smart guy I

Spring Salvation

Spring has sprung, and if you are at all familiar with Winona’s annual event calendar, you know that means it is the start of a delightful whirlwind of events that most of us sit huddled over a fire and dream

For My Foodies~

Let’s face it: We all like food. We eat it all the time, and we prefer for it to be good. But when traveling, eating used to mean driving around a town until you saw a place that seemed to

Some like it frozen

You have to admiT – it’s kind of amusing that the thing making Winona (and the rest of Minnesota) famous right now is the fact that we can survive. In case you haven’t heard, it’s been a little cool in

The Winona Factor

So Winona had an exciting run in the spotlight for the last couple of months – its dazzling scenery splashed across six million television sets a couple of times a week while music played and its virtues were extolled in

A fall walk on the wild side

It’s pretty freaking glorious to be us in Winona right now. I mean, it usually is, but now especially. If you’ve looked at a travel mag lately, heck, even a newspaper, they’re all effusing over the best fall drives, the

Wacky, wild, wonderous Winona

  You’d think after a couple of decades in a place I’d have seen it all. I mean really – how many hiking trails can you discover, how many bike races can you cheer on, how many river sunsets can

Twelfth Night Delight

If laughter is good for the soul, then after last night I’m pretty well cured of anything that ails me. I finally got my act together and got to the theater to see Twelfth Night done by the Great River

A new digital day dawns at Visit Winona

It. Is. Finished. After many, many months of copy writing and photo collecting and page organizing and teeth gnashing, Visit Winona has launched its new website in all its glory, and man, is it a beauty. Now I tell you

Cynthya Porter

Cynthya Porter

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