Engage Winona


Engage Winona leads community transformation through civic engagement and complex problem-solving. We host inclusive, fun conversations and events that connect folks interested in community change.

About Us

Our work is centers on helping people get connected to causes and issues they’re passionate about, turn their ideas for community change into reality by providing resources and support, and training and empowering folks to be changemakers.

Engage Winona provides opportunities and teaches residents to make community engagement inclusive, integrative, generative — and joyful — through a variety of core programs, including hosting conversations and events, convening and guiding groups, providing training and education, connecting people and resources, launching and sustaining ideas, and leading community change in a variety of nimble and deeply collaborative ways that serve individuals, groups and organizations at every step of changemaking.

Engage Winona’s work begins with inclusive conversations and gatherings, continues with strategies and actions for collaborative change, and throughout involves training and nourishing diverse individuals to be empowered changemakers. Enmeshed in the work is intentional strategies for welcoming and including, bringing diverse folks to the table from across the community who are rarely if ever invited to lead change.

Engage Winona began as a community-wide conversation project in 2016 to envision Winona’s future by bringing the full community to the table. The success of that project led to innumerable ideas and projects to improve Winona – including the idea to create an independent organization to help the community get that good work done. Engage Winona became that organization in early 2017.

Today, Engage Winona is a nonprofit that leads social community transformation.

Engage Winona is a neutral convener, facilitator, teacher, and project manager working where no other local organization does — at a true community level, without agenda or attachment to outcome — to align and unite resources to maximize community assets, bring and keep cross-sector coalitions in collaboration to work on complex issues, and teach and spread an inclusive process of engagement.

All of Engage Winona’s conversations, programs, trainings and events are free and open to all.


119 East 3rd St. Winona, Minnesota 55987


(507) 312-9133






Engage Winona operates out of a collaborative space called Public Launch; hours vary depending on exhibit and event schedules. To learn more, call ahead or visit our website - or just drop by!