Suola Spä

Soula Spa offers salt therapy with comfortable

Suola is a sanctuary for rest + healing offering salt and sauna experiences.

The Experience

Suola is a different kind of spa. We’ve created a sanctuary for rest using holistic healing modalities. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face who’ll get you ready for your salt or sauna session. You’ll be asked to take off your shoes and store away any devices so that you can truly relax.

You’ll then be taken to The Salt Room or The Sauna Room where your session will begin.

Salt Room

Our beautiful salt room is truly one of a kind. White Himalayan salt tiles create a main focal point along with purposeful details to create a space of simple luxury.

Enter into a relaxing environment where you can completely retreat for 45-minutes. Enjoy the warm lighting and soft music as you find stillness and breathe in 100% pure dry salty air provided via our state of the art Halogenerator.

Sauna Rooms

Begin your sauna bath in one of our two sauna rooms. Choose from an infrared or traditional sauna experience. The Sauna rooms are dimly lit with beautiful rainfall showers.

You can choose to move between the sauna and shower or simply stay in the sauna and shower off after your session is over. Each client will receive our signature scrub to help enhance your relaxation experience.


170 East 3rd St. Winona, Minnesota 55987



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Opening Fall 2021


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