Lakeview Drive Inn

Experience the nostalgia of Winona’s oldest restaurant!

Lakeview features car hop service, home-brewed root beer, great burgers, chicken, fish, shrimp and countless ice cream treats.

Lakeview Drive Inn was founded in 1938 and is an original family owned and operated drive-in restaurant. We are not a chain, theme, or “fast food” restaurant per say, as our food is made to order and of a very high quality. We never cook anything in the microwave and never serve your food from a bin of pre-made or warmer held items. Our employees are friendly hometown kids who want you to get the best meal and service they can provide.

Lakeview’s Root Beer is made from scratch with our own exclusive recipe. We also make our homemade diet root beer with NutraSweet for those looking for a no sugar or diet variety. When eating at the inside counter, the outside picnic tables or in you car, we serve our root beer in old fashioned frosted mugs. We hold these heavy glass mugs in freezers at below zero temperatures to make your drink frosty cold. Our carhops have been waiting on (called curb service) the people of the Greater Winona Area since 1938 and Lakeview is proudly Winona’s Oldest Restaurant.

Dining is an experience at the Lakeview Drive Inn and is like a step back in time. With a view of Sugarloaf, Lakeview Drive Inn is located on the shore of Lake Winona and is a taste of days gone by.


610 East Sarnia Street Winona, MN 55987-4368


(507) 454-3723


[email protected]



Mid-March through early September
10:30 am - 8:00 pm, daily