Suncrest Gardens Farm

Visit Winona Suncrest Gardens

On-Farm Eating Experience

In the Midwest, we take full advantage of our summer season because sometimes the winters can just feel long. Come and relax in Yaeger Valley and experience our farm while enjoying a casual dining experience amongst our backyard gardens. Visit with friends, check out the farm animals, simply slow down and enjoy life at a slower pace. The farm is a family friendly place where kids can explore the playground, spill some food, and run around while out to eat. Play a yard game, enjoy some live music, and experience the splendor of eating out on the farm.

Our Farm, Our Pantry

A majority of our ingredients come from the fields on our farm. Naturally raised vegetables, meats, and fruits are staples for our on-farm restaurant. The farmers that sow the seeds and tend the animals utilize the harvest to inspire our menu and prepare simple, wholesome food. Enjoy good food year round as we do the hard work preserving the harvest for your convenience. Check out our farm store while you’re at the farm or at the Winona Farmer’s Market.


S2257 Yaeger Valley Road Cochrane, Wisconsin 54622







2021 Pizza Farm Hours
May 1st – Sept 25th
Fri 4 – 8 pm & Sat 3 – 8 pm
October: Saturday pop-up events only depending on the weather, watch Facebook