Bub’s Brewing Company



Makes it fun to be thirsty! Bub’s Brewing is your local establishment for the best appetizers, burgers, and beers in Winona. Home of the All-American Burger: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all in one! Homemade soups, daily specials and more~

We here at Bub’s Brewing Company are trying to carry on that great tradition of Winona’s last brewery by naming our bar after it. The Bub’s Beer that once graced the taps of more than 100 bars and neighborhood saloons in this great river town for over 130 years is of course no longer being produced. We have chosen a fine selection, which we call Bub’s Black Forest Ale, Bub’s Amber Red and Bub’s Golden to bring the legendary Bub’s name into the 21st Century. We hope you will take the time to try one of these great brews that others have enjoyed since we opened our doors here in March 1992.

The building was built in 1897 and was originally known as the Druids Hall or Union Club. The Elks Lodge NO. 327 began renting the building and purchased it on October 22, 1914. It was owned by the Elks Lodge until February 17, 1992 when it was purchased by Bub’s Brewing Co., Inc. and turned into the fine drinking and eating establishment that it is today. The original building had a bowling alley in the basement, which has long since been removed. We try to preserve most of the heritage that this fine building deserves.

Open 11:30 a.m. Daily
Closed Sundays in summer

Phone: (507) 457-3121

65 E 4th Street