Garvin Crest Guest House in the Pines


Garvin Crest Guest House sits at the crest of Winona, MN, looking West towards wooded acres and beautiful sunsets. Originally added as a mother-in-law’s apartment, we have converted it to a cozy, semi-private getaway in the pines! Completely furnished, fully outfitted kitchen, stove, refrigerator/freezer, and microwave. Self-serve breakfast items provided for you to create your own breakfast.

Now ready to rent: “The Hen House at Garvin Crest”
Originally, literally, the location I kept my chickens! Farm-esque decor, all new construction, no chickens or feathers remain!
400 Sq foot open cabin, with the most spectacular view of woods and sunsets. With all the amenities of the first Garvin Crest Guest House, The Hen House also sports a gas stove, tiled shower, white-washed and galvanized steel corrugated walls.

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Phone: (507) 459-9361

1735 Garvin Heights Rd.