Garvin Heights Park


A park literally above the rest

Follow the winding mile-and-a-half road up the bluff side, and immerse yourself in rich oak savanna atop Garvin Heights scenic overlook. A flight of stairs as well as a dirt path run along the bluffs edge, from the lookout to the valley below.

Bring your hiking boots and explore the restored goat prairie while you take in sweeping views of our island city, or boost your cardio with a hike to the bottom of the bluff on a winding, maintained trail.

High altitude feast

If you have a hankering for a snack while taking in the sights and sounds of Winona from the best seat in the house, stop up at Garvin Heights for an unforgettable picnic. Picnic tables and trash bins are available to help keep the heights in pristine condition, and hiking trails lead to sky-high perches along the ledges of the bluff.

Cycling challenge

For the experienced cyclist who desires a training challenge, the Garvin Heights climb is tough to beat. Tour de France winner Greg La Monde trained on this road which climbs 540 feet in 1.15 miles with a grade of 9.2%. The road is narrow with sharp curves and high traffic during commuting hours, and the surface can be sandy and rough. The road demands extreme caution both climbing and descending. A complete stop must be made at the bottom of the hill to avoid cross traffic.




Top of Garvin Heights Road