Great River Shakespeare Festival


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

This nationally recognized festival, which draws audiences from across the Midwest and acclaimed actors from across the country, fills each Winona summer with a full slate of world-class entertainment. With plays, music, speakers and celebration events, the Great River Shakespeare Festival is the cornerstone of Winona’s reputation as an unmatched destination for cultural events.

Lifelong Learning

The Great River Shakespeare Festival produces thoughtful, articulate, engaging productions of Shakespeare’s plays, and contributes substantially to the cultural, social, and economic life of Winona, the Midwest, and the United States.

At GRSF, we strive to enhance the play going experience through classes, workshops, and programs for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

We have workshops for middle and high school students, programs for life long learners, collegia, lectures, discussion groups and collaborative programs as well as podcasts, the Sonnet Contest, internships and apprenticeships for young theater professionals and much more.

To learn more, visit the “Education” page on the GRSF website.


Phone: (507) 474-7900

Performance Venue: 450 Johnson Street
Administrative Office: 121 E 3rd Street