Public Launch


Public Launch (formerly Outpost) is a collaborative space located in Winona, Minnesota that welcomes folks to work together and share their stories and cultures. This sometimes looks like potlucks, entrepreneurial networking events, community conversations, performances, exhibitions, and many other things in between.

Public Launch was founded in 2016 by Art of the Rural and evolved into its current partnership between Art of the Rural and Engage Winona, a non-profit organization that has catalyzed a wide range of partnerships toward a vision of a more equitable community, in 2019.This space is founded on the belief that our everyday, living culture (and cultural heritage) is as worthy of attention as more institutional forms of art and performance. Our events are free and open to everyone.

While Art of the Rural and Engage Winona will host their respective programs and events in Public Launch, their collaborative work has already begun. Through the support of the City of Winona, these two organizations are working with neighborhoods to cultivate community engagement and creative problem solving, and to further creative placemaking practices that make visible these neighborhoods’ needs, as well as their visions for the future. This work will culminate in a new comprehensive plan for the City of Winona, one driven by the stories, aspirations, and perspectives of its distinct neighborhoods.

Public Launch will continue to offer exhibitions, events, and projects that share the everyday living culture of the region and build cross-sector connections, and it will also utilize the space to create regional podcasts and video conversations to better network artist, communities, and leaders in Minnesota.

The work of Art of the Rural in its Public Launch space is supported by the Bush Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Winona Foundation, and a range of private and in-kind community donations.

Please follow this link to learn more — and please also find our answers to frequently asked questions.

Please refer to our website for current open hours, which vary depending on the exhibitions and events in our space.

Phone: (314) 402-6849

119 East 3rd St.