Treedome Productions


Treedome is a music production studio in downtown with a record shop & performance space.

Branch out through music videos, photography, graphic design, recording, and live music booked around Winona.

Treedome Productions is a music and arts production studio in Winona, MN. Founded in Sept. 2016, Treedome started as a group of friends seeking an outlet for creative ideas with a passion for music. As a small team, we set out to make Treedome a media group and community arts organization, moving from the back of a record shop to creating a warm studio space in Downtown Winona after receiving the first WSU Innovate Challenge Award. On any day, we’re busy booking shows at all our favorite spots in SE MN, making music videos, recording tracks, running our storefront, and hosting community events like our inaugural block party, Shut Down Third Street, with a grant from the Mainstreet Program funded by the Bush Foundation and Springboard for the Arts.

Our identity hinges on collaboration, outreach, and dedication to creating quality work. We hope all artists and art enthusiasts feel welcomed into our space to realize their creative passion at Treedome. Don’t hesitate to branch out with us.

Hours may vary
Wednesday - Sunday

Phone: (763) 489-8365

164 East 3rd St.