Winona Apparel


Designed with Love in Winona…for the Love of Winona

WINONA APPAREL makes stylish + modern apparel yet stays true to honoring the roots, beauty and legacy of our hometown. Our products are of high quality and designed in Winona, MN.

Winona natives and husband and wife Brad + Amy McNally, started WINONA APPAREL because well, they love Winona, Minnesota! They both grew up in Winona and then fell in love there years later! Brad + Amy love the beauty of Winona, Minnesota and are happy to share the legacy of the community with others through stylish designs and memorable imagery on hats and shirts you’ll love to wear.

WINONA APPAREL…for the LOVE of Winona because Winona is easy to love! <3

Come visit beautiful Winona to see what we are raving about!

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