Is there any place to rock climb in Winona?

The Sugar Loaf Bluff sits 600 feet above Winona and is a popular destination for rock climbers. It is recommended that you use rocking climbing equipment to climb the rock formation. For professional climbing assistance, the Big River Climbing Guides Big River Climbing serves the Winona area with professional rock and ice climbing trips throughout the year. All guides are professionally trained and certified as climbing instructors and are wilderness first responders. The Winona State University Outdoor Education Center offers open climbing activities, beginning in the Fall Semester. WSU Outdoor Education and Recreation Center

Watch Visit Winona’s Cynthya Porter climb Sugar Loaf!

Winona has an ice park which cascades hundreds of feet down the bluffs to create one of the country’s premiere climbing opportunities. Climbers have the opportunity to scale hundreds of vertical feet of quality ice found on the bluffs at 1183 West Lake Boulevard. It is a free attraction but the City of Winona does not offer guiding or equipment for the Ice Park; however, the Big River Climbing Guides provide that service.

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