Fountain Motel celebrates 60 years

The Fountain Motel in Fountain City, WI, has launched into its 60th year in business by continuing to provide excellent lodging facilities to fishermen, hunters, vacationers, train enthusiasts, and family & friends that return to the area.

Owners and operators Christine & Travis Williamson, have remodeled and updated the motel but continue to preserve some of the motel’s history. “The only thing still original in all the rooms are the cast iron tubs which have been reglazed, the doors and windows, and 4 remaining retro-vintage tiled sinks and countertops in the bathrooms.  They are in such great shape, I do everything I can to keep them,” states Christine.

The motel was opened in the fall of 1960 with 7 rooms by Elmer and Cecil Goetz who purchased the land from the city. They lived on-site in what are now rooms 106 and 107. In 1961 the motel was added on to, creating a new office, living quarters in the back of the motel, and more rooms.

Today the Fountain Motel features 13 rooms all with a different decor theme which guests love! Like the Gone Fishing Suite with a fishing theme, Burlington Route with a train theme, and the Vineyard which you guessed it, is a wine theme. When asked which room is the most popular theme the couple states, “All of them!”

“Lots of changes and updates have taken place over the years but the one thing that has remained the same is the small mom and pop hospitality you still receive all these years later,” affirmed Christine.

Located right on the Great River Road, the Fountain Motel makes a great stay for touring the city and surrounding area. The motel is planning on a new parking lot this summer/fall season. You can find more information about the Fountain Motel online at