Mid West Music Festival: A Celebration of Local Music

Get Your Fest On! The Mid West Music Fest is back as an in-person event  and is hosting 70 bands across multiple genres in downtown Winona. KARE TV featured the festival and interviewed Executive Director Dylan Hilliker who joined the festival in 2021 and was put in a position to manage the festival during the pandemic.  Hilliker stated “I think it’s going to be a great time, and a good community building exercise, especially as we’re, you know, getting out in public again…”  The Festival line-up includes Haley who plays an acoustic guitar, baritone electric guitar, electric guitar, and Rhodes or Wurlitzer electric piano. Bad Bad Hats is an indie pop band and has played at the Festival in the past. Sleeping Jesus is a Winona band with five members.

“.The festival as we know it today has continued to grow throughout the years with no plans to stop now, according to Hilliker. The array of musical guests are once again sharing the stage with local makers, learners and adventurers, facilitating community focused initiatives, and serving as an outlet for regional artisans to showcase their creations.”

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