Only In Your State Gives Love to the Oldest Minnesota Drive-in Lakeview Drive Inn

Lakeview Drive Inn

The oldest drive-In restaurant In Minnesota still has cars lining up around the corner. Here in Minnesota, where the season of drive-in restaurants is limited. For much of the year, most places close up shop to weather the cold. But when those places are open? You can’t drive many miles before hitting a great place to eat, one with fantastic food and a fun atmosphere to boot. One of Only In Your State‘s favorite drive-ins of this type happens to be that oldest drive-in restaurant in Minnesota. And that drive-in is in a little southern Minnesota city called Winona. After over 80 years, Lakeview Drive Inn still has people stopping in from all around. They were very enamored with our iconic spot serving up Toddy burgers and root beer floats. They called Lakeview Drive Inn a popular drive-in restaurant and told of it being open since 1938. And it still draws a crowd after all these years and shows no signs of slowing down!

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