Post Bulletin on 15 Years of Winona’s Mid West Music Fest

A band plays on a stage with a bright light show as a crowd in front of them enjoys the show.

Mid West Music Fest in Winona celebrates its 15th anniversary with a diverse lineup of musical acts across various genres, showcasing the region’s rich musical talent. The festival, known for its community-focused approach, brings together local artists alongside national and international acts. Through its inclusive programming, the event fosters connections between musicians and audiences, creating a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. With over 100 performances across multiple venues, attendees have the opportunity to explore different styles of music while supporting emerging and established artists alike. As the festival continues to grow, it remains committed to its mission of promoting cultural exchange and artistic expression. According to the article, “The festival, with its mix of performers from all over the country, creates a platform for emerging artists while also inviting back past performers.”

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