Second edition of Winona Coloring Book features local attractions and artists


The second edition of the Winona Coloring Book, published by Visit Winona, showcases both previous and new art work by 5 local artists. Toni Ambrosen, Julia Crozier, Brianne Daniels, Julie Johnston and Judson Portzer, were selected to sketch a design of a sponsored local attraction or business. Two of the artists were new this year; Brianne Daniels enjoyed the creative process while at the same time supporting local business community.  There are 18 pages in the book, seven more than the 2017 edition, and some of the featured landmarks are the Lakeview Drive-Inn, Bloedow Bakery, Winona Public Library, Frozen River Film Festival, and Associated Crafts & Willet Hauser. Copies of the book are available at local retailers and at

“It’s a commemorative keepsake for sure, but also I think it’s not only a great showpiece for the beauty of our area but the amazing art we have here,” Kate Carlson, Visit Winona Partnership Director, said in a Winona Daily News interview.

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