StarTribune’s Scene Makers Q&A Profiles Mid West Music Fest Organizers

Visit Winona Mid West Music Fest organizers

StarTribune profiles the owners of a music store in Rochester who are taking the helm of Winona’s Mid West Music Fest. The festival, known for its eclectic lineup and community spirit, is being revitalized under the new leadership with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

The store owners, siblings Tony and Angela Platt, share their passion for music and their vision for the festival. They aim to make the event more accessible and welcoming to all, emphasizing the importance of representation and highlighting local talent alongside national acts.

The article discusses the challenges and opportunities involved in organizing a music festival, including booking artists, securing venues, and promoting the event. Despite the complexities, the Platts are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for attendees and fostering a sense of unity within the community.

As Angela Platt states in the article, “We’re trying to bring in more diversity, more inclusion and we want it to be a safe space for everybody.” This quote encapsulates the Platts’ commitment to making the Mid West Music Fest a vibrant and inclusive celebration of music and community.

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