Top 22 Murals In Winona, MN

Visit Winona Top Murals

Who doesn’t want to paint something giant on a wall? Murals, as large-scale works of art, hold a unique power to transform spaces and captivate audiences. Whether adorning the walls of Winona, Minnesota’s buildings or public spaces, our murals become visual storytellers, reflecting the culture, history, and values of our community. From celebrating diversity and unity to bold statements for social change, murals spark conversations and evoke emotions, creating connections between individuals and their surroundings. Sometimes they are just for fun. But the creativity and collective identity of murals not only beautify our city but also inspire reflection and foster a sense of pride and belonging within it.

Anthem Skatepark Mural

See a very cool mural designed by Landon Sheely, who works to hearten the viewer with childlike form & idealism. You’ll also find some skateboard designs done by him there as well. Anthem Skatepark and Board Shop is Winona’s only indoor, year round, skatepark and skate shop, which opened in October of 2015. There is also an outdoor mini ramp while weather permits.
Visit Winona Anthem Skatepark & Board Shop mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Art is for Everyone mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Art is for Everyone Mural

Sarah Johnson’s mural on the door leading into Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts is part of #WinonaColorProject and you can see additional pieces come to life throughout town. At the conservatory, you’ll find a wide range of classes and programs for all ages. With a commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering community engagement, the conservatory provides opportunities for students to explore various art forms, including dance, music, theater, and visual arts. Through its inclusive approach and dedicated faculty, they empower individuals to discover their passion for the arts and cultivate their talents.

B-Kleen Laundromat Mural

This mural was hand painted by local artist, Ron Jaszewski, who has done several local business related paintings over the years. B-Kleen Laundromat has stood the test of time on the east side of Winona as a trusted laundry facility, known for its reliable service and modern amenities, cleanliness and convenience.

Visit Winona B-Kleen Landromat mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona No Name Bar Bathroom mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Bathroom History of Winona Murals

These quirky bathroom murals from Sarah Johnson recount Miss Winona winners in the women’s and historical facial hair of Winona in the men’s. No Name Bar offers carefully curated beer, cocktails, art, and entertainment in our beautiful downtown of Winona. Known for live music and DJ’s on weekends, the backyard patio fire pit and games keep the vibe cozy during the week. A local favorite since 2007 and maybe the oldest bar location in town.

Bloedow Bakery Mural

Every Winonan knows this iconic mural! Bloedow Bakery—a Winona, Minnesota institution since 1924—is a beloved local gem. Renowned for its delectable pastries and bread, this family-owned bakery has stood the test of time, becoming a cherished part of the community and “Minnesota’s Best Bakery”. From their iconic buttery rolls to an array of mouthwatering donuts with out of this world frosting, Bloedow Bakery’s commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every bite.

Visit Winona Bloedow Bakery mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Bluff Country Co-op mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Bluff Country Co-op Mural

Winona artist Ian Hanesworth won a design contest to bring us this mural. Bluff Country Co-op is Winona’s community-owned, cooperatively-run grocery store and deli. For more than 50 years they’ve served as leaders in sustainable food, supporting local and organic farmers and producers. They continue to represent and promote food and environmental integrity, fair economic practices, and commitment to community.

Fabric of Winona Murals

Over the course of many months, hundreds of community members ranging from age 2-80 years old helped co-create the panels with The Joy Labs outside the Winona County History Center. Founded in 1935, the 1915 National Guard Armory became the current headquarters of WCHS in 1973, with continued growth, adding the Laird Norton Addition later. You’ll always find rotating exhibits, interactive activies, and lots of engaging events.

Visit Winona Fabric of Winona mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Full Blooms mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Full Blooms Mural

You can find this The Joy Labs mural in the heart of downtown Winona at the corner of Third and Lafayette Streets. The mural, a Third Space: Artists on Main Street grant project, depicts, “a vibrant and colorful landscape of suessian flowers and a winding river, which is meant to symbolize the Mississippi River. Bright greens, pinks, blues, reds and yellows jump off the panel with child-like whimsy.

Glad You Are Here Mural

Winona Creative Laureate, Sarah Johnson, in partnership with the Fine Arts Commission and sponsored by the Winona Foundation began a project of original murals with the #WinonaColorProject that celebrate the creation of vibrant and welcoming spaces. This mural is outside Home and Community Options, downtown on Third Street.
Visit Winona Glad You Are Here mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona HBC Fence Mural
photo by Todd Hanson

HBC Fence Mural

The HBC Fence Mural is a project that spanned four years and was a collaboration between River Arts Alliance, Hiawatha Broadband Communications, South East Minnesota Arts Council, and the City of Winona. Julia Crozier was the coordinator for the project and led the mural aspects. She organized annual public participation for painting the backgrounds for the murals, painting 5-9 murals per year. She designed and painted the black lined aspect of the murals to tell the story of communication throughout history. This project is now part of the HBC fence and the nearby Levee Park.

Let’s Grow Together Mural

The Winona Public Library marked the centenary of its Youth Services Department by hosting an open house and revealing a significant project: a mural addressing teen mental health. Three groups of talented teens collaborated on the mural, including Our Voices, the WSHS Gender Spectrum Alliance, and the Winona Area Learning Center, under the guidance of Sarah Johnson from The Joy Labs and youth librarian Tricia Wehrenberg.

Visit Winona Let’s Grow Together mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Light of Learning Winona Public Library
photo by Todd Hanson

Light of Learning Mural

The “Light of Learning” mural is located in the south lunette under the dome at the Winona Public Library. The mural was a gift to the library from William Hayes in memory of his wife, Charlotte Prentiss Hayes. Winona Public Library is a cherished community resource providing a welcoming space for learning, exploration, and connection with a collection of books, multimedia resources, and digital offerings. Through its diverse programming and services, the Winona Public Library enriches the lives of residents by promoting literacy, education, and cultural enrichment for all ages.

Peter’s Biergarten Stage Container Mural

This shipping container mural design adorns the stage at the ‘Garten and it’s done by Sarah Johnson. When it’s warm out then it’s biergarten season and Peter’s Biergarten is a great place to be. You can enjoy a beverage including beers on tap, or perhaps make a new friend – all in this inviting open-air environment. There is also plenty of seating, live music on occasion, and you’re encouraged to bring in take-out from any of the nearby downtown eateries in this very unique venue.

Visit Winona Sarah Johnson container Peter's Biergarten
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Maggie Panetta Container Peter's Biergarten
photo by Todd Hanson

Peter’s Biergarten Tap Container Mural

Check out another shipping container mural done by Maggie Panetta where the ‘Garten’s taps and a cooler are situated. In the heart of downtown Winona, Peter’s Biergarten has your favorite beverages, tasty food from neighboring restaurants, and free live music all season long. Feel free to use the space to eat lunch, read a book, or study while we it’s open.

Pillbox Bat Co Mural

Zak Fellman, the co-founder and creative force behind Pillbox designed this mural and the crews of Pillbox Bat Co and Sanborn Canoe painted it to spruce up the building they once shared. Pillbox Bat Company is a unique baseball bat manufacturer known for its artisan craftsmanship and vintage-inspired designs based right here in Winona, MN! Pillbox Bat Co. combines traditional woodworking techniques with modern innovation to create high-quality, custom baseball bats. With a commitment to preserving the heritage of America’s pastime, Pillbox Bat Co. celebrates the nostalgia of baseball while delivering top-notch designs.

Visit Winona Pillbox Bat Co mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Ridgelands Coffeehouse mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Ridgelands Coffeehouse Mural

Renowned for abstract designs, playful hand-lettering, and vibrant hues, Scout Hill Co. brought us this mural. Ridgelands Coffeehouse is an inviting spot across from WSU’s campus. You can find unique treats like the mixed berry cheesecake muffin there. Make some memories, get some great coffee and homemade baked goods. And just enjoy the simplicity of life while grubbing on some good eats.

Shoots and Ladders Mural

The Shoots and Ladders wall mural is a downtown Winona must see and photo stop. The piece is a vibrant and captivating artistic installation adorning a wall on the historic Odd Fellows Building on the corner of Third and LaFayette, across from Merchants National Bank. Depicting a playful interpretation of Minnesota wildlife in Maggie Panetta’s illustrative style, it serves as a delightful attraction for locals and visitors, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to Winona’s streetscape.

Visit Winona Shoots and Ladders mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Visions of Hope mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Visions of Hope Mural

Winona State University’s “Visions of Hope” is a permanent student mural in Watkins Hall. The mural, a collaborative effort of student artists, represents hope and inspiration within the campus community. It serves as a vibrant visual display of the students’ creativity and aspirations. The unveiling event highlights the importance of art in fostering positivity and unity on campus.

We Are Water Murals

Throughout summer 2022, The Joy Labs partnered with Prairie Island Campground. the Winona County Historical Society, City of Winona Natural Resources & Sustainability, We Are Water MN, and the Minnesota Humanities Center to engage community in talking about the importance of protecting water and in co-creating murals for Prairie Island Campground. An easy bike ride from the heart of downtown Winona, Prairie Island Park is the perfect getaway for an afternoon picnic or some frisbee golf. Dine at the beach on the calm backwaters of the Mississippi River and watch eagles fish for their lunch in the Lock and Dam 5A spillway.

Visit Winona We Are Water murals
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Welcome to Historic Downtown Winona mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Welcome to Historic Downtown Winona Mural

This one was done by artist Josh Riedel in his early teens. The “Welcome to Historic Downtown Winona” mural serves as a captivating introduction to the rich heritage and charm of the city. Adorning a prominent wall in the heart of downtown on the corner of Franklin and Third, the mural features vibrant imagery depicting Winona’s storied past like the Julius C. Wilkie steamboat and vibrant present. It invites you to explore and appreciate the unique character of Winona’s historic downtown district.

Winona Athletic Club Mural

This is another hand painted wall sign done by Ron Jaszewski sometime in the ’80s. Plus, you’re going to be hanging out at one of the coolest old bars in town when you’re at Winona Athletic Club, which many affectionately call “The Polish Embassy”. Aside from the vintage booths and bar stools, you’ll also find pool and lots of space to hang. They also have great burger nights, live music, and dance events in their second floor ballroom.

Visit Winona Winona Athletic Club mural
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Winona VFW Post 1287 mural
photo by Todd Hanson

Winona VFW Post 1287 Mural

A bartender told me this beautiful Winona mural was done by the nephew of the previous owner but he never signed his name to it. Winona VFW Post 1287 stands as a pillar of support for veterans and their families in the Winona community. Through various programs and events, the VFW post honors the sacrifices of veterans while fostering camaraderie and community engagement. Plus, you’ll find one of the best fish frys in town and burger nights.