Top 9 Stops For St. Patrick’s Day In Winona, MN

Visit Winona The Monarch Public House on St. Patrick's Day
No one is going to be dyeing the Mississippi River green over here, but Winona still knows how to party on St. Paddy’s Day. Whether you’re looking for that traditional Irish fare, from hearty stews to corned beef and cabbage, or you want that creamy Guinness beer and tasty Irish whiskey, you’re going to find it around here and a whole lot more. So, go grab your shamrocks and Celtic adorement and suit up to hit the streets of Winona, Minnesota. You don’t have to say a prayer to St. Patrick, but it can’t hurt. Here are some festive spots for those with green pride, feeling lucky, and looking for a good time.

Black Horse Bar & Grill

Who’s hungry for corned beef, cabbage, carrots, baby red potatoes, and rutabaga? Black Horse Bar & Grill is a vibrant establishment that seamlessly combines the allure of a classic bar with the sophistication of a modern grill. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, Black Horse offers a diverse menu featuring an array of pub-style favorites and supper club type offerings and also hosts events. Black Horse Bar & Grill stands out as a go-to destination in Winona for a memorable dining and social experience.

Visit Winona Black Horse Bar & Grill on St. Patrick's Day
photo by Black Horse Bar & Grill


Visit Winona Blue Heron Coffeehouse on St. Patrick's Day
photo by Nicole Speed

Blue Heron Coffeehouse

Blue Heron Coffeehouse knocks it out of the park every year with their Irish lamb stew, soda bread, oat cakes, and famous chocolate stout cake—plus they have vegetarians covered. They’re known for a warm and inviting atmosphere. It serves as a community hub where residents and visitors gather to enjoy not only exceptional coffee but also delicious homemade food and a welcoming ambiance. The coffeehouse showcases a commitment to sustainability by sourcing locally whenever possible.

Bub’s Brewing Company

Come get the famous corned beef and cabbage dinner, corned beef brisket reubens, or hearty Irish stew along with great Irish drink specials. Bub’s Brewing Company in Winona, MN, is a popular pub and restaurant with lots of history. Bub’s beer once graced the taps of more than 100 bars and neighborhood saloons in this great river town for over 130 years but, of course, it is no longer being produced. Locals and visitors alike flock to Bub’s for appetizers, burgers, tap beers, and comedy shows. And it’s home of the All-American Burger: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in one. Plus, they’ve got homemade soups and daily specials.

Visit Winona Bub's Brewing Company on St. Patrick's Day
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Lucky's on Third on St. Patrick's Day
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Lucky’s On Third

You’ll find your fill of green beer, Jell-O shots, and Irish themed cocktails for a great price here. And Lucky’s is Irish all year round. Lucky’s on Third dances to the beat of their own pub. They are known for bingo, trivia nights, karaoke, and live DJ dance events. Plus, you’ll find a good spot to play some darts and get a loaded Bloody Mary with plenty of nice booths to sit at.

The Monarch Public House

If you jump across the bridge, this place is probably the most authentically Irish spot in the area and known for handmade Irish family recipes and their St. Padraig’s Day event. The Monarch Public House in Fountain City, WI, is a charming riverside place renowned for its elegant dining experience along with craft brews, wines, and cocktails and excellent and unique Bloody Marys. It’s also the oldest continuously operating bar in the state of Wisconsin.
Visit Winona The Monarch Public House on St. Patrick's Day
photo by Todd Hanson
Visit Winona Mulligan's Irish Pub on St. Patrick's Day
photo by Todd Hanson

Mulligan’s Irish Pub

One of the most racous and classic stops on St. Paddy’s—you’ll get your green beer and some memories at this Irish bar. Mulligan’s Irish Pub is a friendly locally-owned pub that attracts both the younger and older crowds. And they have been known for generous portions for the value. You can also usually find some peanuts, popcorn, or bar snacks to munch on while you’re sipping your pint. And you can also catch the game or play some pool or darts.

NOSH Scratch Kitchen

NOSH always has something inventive for St. Paddy’s like a shamrock martini or local lamb shepard’s pie. NOSH Scratch Kitchen is a trendy and innovative eatery celebrated for its creative small plates and artisanal cocktails and wines from around the world. Offering a diverse menu that blends global flavors with local and seasonal ingredients, NOSH promises offerings in-house ensuring the freshest possible food. With its chic ambiance and commitment to excellence, NOSH provides a memorable dining experience that keeps patrons returning for more.

Visit Winona NOSH Scratch Kitchen on St. Patrick's Day
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Visit Winona Port 507 on St Patrick's Day
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Port 507

This is yet another great stop for green beer, green shirts, and good drink specials. Port 507 is the perfect place if you like sports and want to catch the game with TVs inside the spacious bar and outside on their patio and its located right next to downtown. They attract both the college crowd and the afterwork happy hour goers, so you’ll get a diverse mixture at different times of the day. Plus, you’ll find some fun events like beer pokes and bingo.

Signatures Restaurant

Signatures always celebrates St. Patrick’s in style with great food and drink options like a delicious Irish buffet and outstanding Irish-themed desserts. Signatures Restaurant artfully combines elegance and gourmet dining. Nestled in a charming setting, this restaurant is celebrated for its sophisticated ambiance and a menu that showcases inventive, locally inspired dishes. With a commitment to culinary excellence, Signatures Restaurant offers a memorable dining experience, making it a go-to choice for those seeking refined flavors and a touch of luxury in Winona.

Visit Winona Signatures Restaurant on St Patrick's Day
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