Two Minnesota Photographers Exhibit at the MMAM

The Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) is the home to amazing historical European and American masterworks. It is also, however, a great place to experience the best in regional artwork. In January, the Museum opened exhibitions by two acclaimed Minnesota photographers – Douglas Beasley and David Eberhardt. Eberhardt is an acclaimed international documentary filmmaker, and is also a prolific photographer. His most recent project focuses on the Mississippi River and the transient people who traverse the waters outside of mainstream periphery. He connects this to other cultural projects, including artworks from his travels along the Mekong River in Asia in his MMAM exhibition, River Life, on exhibit through April 24. This exhibition also launches the Museum’s 2+ year Mississippi River Series. MMAM gallery and store hours are 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Sunday. More information about visiting and supporting your art museum can be found at

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