Winona is #2 on the List of the United States’ Best Small Cities

Winona, MN aerial view
After a tough couple of years many people are looking to move somewhere else where the conditions are just right – open space, friendly people, and a shorter commute (if any commute at all). Many Americans are looking for something that isn’t too big or not too small and want to find the best small city in America.
Pheabs crunched the numbers to find the best small cities across the USA. They looked at a number of things but the key factors were affordability, economic health, and the quality of life. They looked at over 1,200 cities that have less than 80,000 residents and compiled data from the U.S. Census to come up with the results.
Winona is #2 on Pheabs’ list of the United State’s best small cities! That’s after reviewing the details of twelve hundred small cities! Thanks Pheabs, though we know they’re just reporting the facts. They called us a “picturesque city full of history, breathtaking scenes, amazing festivals, and stunning architecture and parks.” We think they are absolutely right.
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