Bloedow Bakery featured in “Only in Your State”

Winona’s Bloedow Bakery was featured in “Only in Your State” an online blog that “discovers news and exciting things in your own backyard.” Bloedow’s is one of 9 bakeries on the trail that covers 250 miles in Southeastern Minnesota.

Betsy Rathburn took the “Minnesota Donut Trail” which begins in Winona at Bloedow Bakery. It is one of the oldest bakeries in the state, dating back to 1924 and features filled donuts, pastries, plain and glazed donuts, and home made loaves of bread.

“Luckily for Minnesotans, our state is home to countless spots that serve up excellent donuts. From the Twin Cities to Duluth and beyond, you don’t have to go far to find a good example. But the farther you go, the more delicious donuts you get to try! If you’re looking for the sugar rush of a lifetime, pile into your car and travel along our Minnesota donut trail.”