The Flyway Trail Connector: Bridging the Bluffs

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Cyclists living in and visiting the Winona area have a new reason to rejoice! After years of planning and fundraising, a non-motorized connector bridge/trail from Winona to The Flyway Trail in Wisconsin is nearing completion. This new connection will finally link Winona to this scenic biking route via Aghaming Park, where one can see 1,950 acres of some of the best preserved floodplain forest in the country, and catch amazing views of Latsch Island’s unique boathouse community.

Many know Winona as a hub for all types of cycling in the Midwest. From the challenging bluff side Holzinger and Cherry Hill trails for mountain bike riders, to the Lake Park Bike Path geared towards more leisurely cyclists, to the longer rides of the Winona County Bike Loop, Winona has been a perfect spot for two wheeled adventures for decades. Events such as Ride the Ridges draw visitors to the area from all corners of the country.

However, one element has been missing from Winona’s top-notch reputation as a biking capital- non-motorized connections to larger trail systems. While efforts persist on many fronts, it is incredibly welcome news that such tangible progress has been made to bridge the bluffs to the Flyway/Mississippi River Trail in Wisconsin.   

The project has been spearheaded by a community driven start up based in Alma, WI, The Flyway Trail, which aims to build a world class trail in the region. According to their website, their mission is, “to increase community connectivity, support economic development and recreational tourism, and enhance the quality of life for future generations.” 

For more information about this ambitious project and how you can help make it happen, visit the Flyway Trail website and watch the video below