First time?

Welcome to Winona. Been here before? No? Okay, no worries. We’re a city in Southeastern Minnesota. Some people call us the Miami of Minnesota.

The point is, we’re the perfect weekend getaway for people in the Midwest.

Find the best experieces for a first timer to Winona

The best thing to try? Our unique festivals. Come make a week of it. Stick around and hike, listen to music, eat like a champion, and head back to your town — which isn’t as cool as Winona. (We’re #1 among people named Dave.)


Head into the woods

None of our forests are haunted, so there’s really nothing to worry about. Try a hike in our totally Not Haunted Forest.

Nope, not haunted

Try time travel

There’s room for all

Winona has a time travel device, where you can be instantly transported back in time. Try out the year 1840.

Check it out

Swim with alligators

Most kids keep their arms!

Swim with gators

Black Death Metal Knitting Club

The fun of death metal, with the mix of yarn and knitting.

Try Yarnology