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Winona is a wonderful place to discovery history

Built on the pastoral shore of the Mississippi River and surrounded by swaying native prairie plantings, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum boasts a collection of fine art that rivals even the most cosmopolitan cities.

Polish Cultural Institute and Museum

The Polish Museum is located in a three-story building built in 1890 by the Laird-Norton Lumber Company located on the S.E. corner of Second and Liberty Streets in Winona.

The upper floor of the museum also houses archives of the Diocese of Winona.

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See how the city was built

The Pickwick Mill was built from 1856 to 1858 by Thomas Grant and Wilson Davis and is one of the oldest water powered gristmills found in southeast Minnesota. The mill was constructed as a gristmill and sawmill on the banks of Big Trout Creek located in Pickwick Minnesota. The mill ran 24 hours a day during the Civil War and produced 100 barrels daily for the Union Army. After the war, the mill became a flour-milling center for most of southern Minnesota and portions of Iowa and Wisconsin.

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