Minnesota Gators

Come on, you didn’t really think you could swim with alligators in Minnesota, did you?

Or anywhere really, unless it’s by accident. That would be crazy. We hear there have been American alligators fished out of rivers as nearby as Chicago and South Dakota, but those weren’t ours. haha. To our knowledge, one has never been found in the Mississippi River north of the Mason Dixon line. 

But even if there is no alligator experience in Winona, it’s an awfully cool town. Stylish eats and pretty streets and miles of fresh air to play in make this one of the best hidden playgrounds in the Midwest. Trust us. In Winona, we are extremely good at entertaining ourselves and we like to share. 

Stunning scenery, incredible museums, amazing festivals – check, check, check. But what makes us the best is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously (obviously!) and that makes this the perfect place to come and unwind, or wind up, or kick it, or kick back, or whatever gets you on the open road. 

Seriously, Winona becomes legendary to the people who have discovered it. You could be next – find us between towering bluffs and the Mighty Mississippi in the far southeastern corner of Minnesota. And we promise, there won’t be any alligators anywhere when you get here. 

Oh yeah, but the merchandise is totally legit – we have a limited run of “I swam with Alligators in Winona” T-shirts and stickers for sale just for fun. And mention this promotion at our Visitor Center for a couple of free things and some extra sweet perks. For real.