Arts Organizations Perservere During the Pandemic

The Winona Post featured a story that focused on how the arts have been able to “navigate their challenges of staying funded and remaining connected with community members while not being able to operate in person…”

The article featured the Great River Shakespeare Festival, Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Frozen River Film Festival, and the Mid West Music Festival. Organizers have tried a variety of ways to work around the limitations of providing events during the pandemic. Many have had success but are continually challenged. 

Leaders of local arts organizations are persevering, but the arts as a whole are facing reduced income. “We’re a nonprofit that depends quite a bit on ticket sales,” Forsell stated, noting that MWMF is keeping track of grant and funding opportunities.  The most substantial challenge the MMAM has encountered since the pandemic began is having to close twice last year and losing revenue at those times, Chamberlain-Dupree said. “When you’re closed to the public, your biggest challenge is your income,” she stated. 



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