Bluff Country Trails, Marine Art Museum, Featured in Minnesota Monthly

Minnesota Monthly is one of the premier tourism publications in the state today. It’s no surprise then that Winona, one of Minnesota’s premier destinations is featured heavily in this month’s issue!

In a piece by Bill Miller titled, Vantage Points, the writer entices his readers to, “Escape to Bluff Country in the Driftless Area along Minnesota’s southeastern border.” In the article, he highlights Winona’s Sugar Loaf Bluff, as well as three area State Parks, Whitewater, John A. Latsch, and Great River Bluffs.

Miller begins by writing, “The Driftless Area is the unique geologic region of southeastern Minnesota, southwestern Wisconsin, and northeastern Iowa left unscraped by the glaciers of the last ice age. Minnesota calls the Driftless Area on its side of the Mississippi, ‘Bluff Country.'” He continues, “Both Bluff Country and Coulee Country promise scenic beauty and unusual attractions.”

Of Sugar Loaf Bluff, located within the city of Winona, Miller writes, “down Highway 61 in Winona, is another great spot to enjoy urban bluff climbing. Sugar Loaf Bluff is locally famous, though it’s the result of quarrying in the late 1800’s rather than epochs of natural erosion. A public trail on the north side makes for a nice hour-long round trip, plenty of time to enjoy great views of the river town.”

Miller explores the State Parks of the area later in the article, informing his readers that, “Whitewater State Park is one of the most popular in Minnesota’s system… John A. Latsch State Park is for day use only but offers a hiking route typical of bluff country trekking… Great River Bluffs State Park is easily accessible, with incredible views that measure up to any you’ll find in the state.”

To close the article, Miller offers this advice, “Only two things are required to discover the best of Bluff and Coulee Country. First, whether you drive it, boat it, hike it, or bike it- put on the miles. Second, don’t be afraid to turn down a road not on your map.”

Turn a few pages forward in the issue and you’ll find a different kind of Winona attraction listed in a feature titled, Summer Bucket List. The Minnesota Marine Art Museum has become a must-stop in Minnesota, and the magazine has taken notice, putting it amongst, “a selection of the state’s best seasonal attractions and events that you won’t want to miss.”

The writer describes the MMAM as being, “home to to some of the most unique and significant art works inspired by water. From Monet and Picasso, to Emmanuel Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware, there is something for everyone in this diamond in the bluffs.” 

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