Jovy Rockey Jewelry Featured on LaCrosse Local

Jovy Rockey, owner of Jovy Rockey Jewelry was featured on the LaCrosse Local podcast.  She will be among the many visual artists participating in  ARTSPIRE, an art fair and sale on June 12 in LaCrosse.  She was interviewed by Amy Gabay and Brent Hanifl  of River Travel Media about “origins, artistic influences, creating new work,  creativity during the pandemic, upcoming events and where to find out more.” 

Rockey makes “modern, minimalist jewelry that is versatile and emotes simple sophistication.” In her interview she stated on creating new work “that things come more naturally when I actually start to fabricate them.”

Rocky received a SEMAC arts grant and was able to purchase necessary tools to “further herself and push herself in a whole other direction.”

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