Local Arts Entity Lends Support to Minnesota Music Industry

The organizers of Winona’s Shut Down Third Street festival are “branching out” in a new way to help Minnesota artists. Founded in 2016, Treedome describes itself as a, “production studio and record store in downtown Winona, Minnesota making creative visions a reality through collaboration and a passion for music and arts. For artists, by artists.” During the Covid-19 crisis it is proving to be much more.

By compiling a list of over 100 musicians, bands, and other related businesses and organizations from across Minnesota -and the websites where you can purchase their music and merchandise- Treedome has provided a service to help the arts industry hard hit by the pandemic.

With the closings of restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters and other performing arts spaces, local musicians have lost the primary source of income they receive from their craft. While Minnesotans are missing out on these live performances, going to shows is not the only way we can enjoy the music made by these talented artists. Whether your preferred listening medium is digital or vinyl, many have albums available for purchase. Most also have t-shirts and other items you can buy to lend a hand to those who help make Minnesota’s quality of life rise above the fray.

On the directory webpage Treedome states, “In alphebetical order, this list includes musicians, bands, artists, recording studios, record stores, galleries, arts organizations, small production studios, freelancers, music festivals, venues, and organizers affected by COVID-19 accross the state. The format of this list will be refined over time, but in the short term support who you know and pick a few strangers while you’re at it.”

​While recognizing that the list isn’t comprehensive yet, Treedome offers a submission page to get your band or arts organization added. 

The directory can be found here

Visit Treedome’s website here

Support Treedome’s efforts here

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