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National and International Publications Take a Look at Winona

The big ad debut during the big game is now in the rearview mirror, but we thought we’d take a peak at all the amazing national and international press that the Squarespace commercial starring Winona Ryder in a visit to her namesake town has attracted. 

From local publications like the Winona Post and Winona Daily News, to statewide newspapers and magazines like the Star TribuneMSP Magazine, MPR, and the Pioneer Press, to some of the biggest names in national periodicals like People Magazine and Us Weekly, to even International press like the UK’s Daily Mail, everyone is buzzing about the quirky ad campaign set in our home of Winona, Minnesota, as well as Visit Winona’s playful response to the ad.

Of course, this list above isn’t a comprehensive list- In fact, dozens upon dozens upon dozens of articles have popped up in the wake of Ryder’s visit to Winona. 

People Magazine writer Kate Hogan reported, “In her first-ever Super Bowl ad, Winona Ryder is going back to where it all began — where she began, actually: Winona, Minnesota.” Hogan quotes Ryder, writing “‘To have a commercial that showcases Winona is really cool, and the idea is to empower small businesses and drive that message to every smaller town or city,” Ryder tells PEOPLE. “It was an exciting way to feature Winona, and I thought it was such a good idea, a really good concept.'”

Us Weekly columnist Dan Clarendon writes, “Ryder uses Squarespace to create a website for the town, She wanders around, snapping photos of signs that bear her name: Winona Outfitters, Winona Mall, Winona City Hall, Winona Fire Department, Winona Bowl and so on.” Clarendon also points out that the advert cast many of its extras from Winona residents.

The UK’s Daily Mail’s Lizzie Smith also writes about the ad campaign in a column titled, Winona Ryder Returns to the Small Minnesota city which Inspired her Name for Super Bowl Ad. Smith reports, “Her unique name was the perfect choice for a future Hollywood star. And for a new Super Bowl advert Winona Ryder returned to the small Minnesota town which inspired her catchy moniker.” Smith also writes, “The ad features Winona, 48, strolling around the snowy streets, chatting to Winonans and taking their portraits, before she builds a Winona website.” She even discusses the Native American legend that inspired Ryder’s first name, “The original Winona is said to have been the first-born child of Chief Wapasha III. In legend she leapt to her death from a high rock, rather than marry a man she did not love. The name Winona means a first child who is female, in the Dakota language.”

Needless to say, Winona (the city) is excited to have the national spotlight turned in its direction. We’ve always known that we had something pretty special going on in this island city, we thank Squarespace and Winona Ryder for helping to introduce us to the world at-large!


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