New outdoor bouldering park at Levee Park

There is a new outdoor recreation opportunity in downtown Winona at Levee Park.
The Winona Parks and Recreation has collaborated with the Recreation Alliance of Winona to create an outdoor bouldering park in downtown Levee Park.
According to Recreation Coordinator Alicia Lano, “The boulders were crafted by the El Dorado Climbing Company of Louisville, Colorado and feature holds carved into the surface that allow the participant to climb horizontally around the three dimensional surface and do not require ropes, harnesses, or climbing gear.”
The bouldering area is adorned with engineered wood fiber mulch, Porous Pave-a permeable surface made from recycled tires that diminishes water runoff by allowing water to soak through into the ground, shrubs, and grasses as well as a bike rack, slack line and hammock posts. Parking is available in City Lot #9 at the foot of Walnut Street or the entrance to the Cal Fremling Parkway. Levee Park hours are from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and alcohol is not allowed.
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