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NOSH Restaurant Moving to Winona

Winona’s tastes buds will be in for a treat as Nosh Restaurant plans to move from Lake City, Minnesota to downtown Winona this spring. “We’re really excited about it. Having a really great restaurant as part of a mixed-use development gives us a dynamic element that adds to our project,” said Peter Shortridge, managing partner of the building Nosh will be moving into.

This move comes at a time when downtown Winona is seeing a lot of changes and development. Greg Jaworski, owner of Nosh, is excited about being part of that growth. “We love to say that we can give you a great dining experience, sourced locally without the pretentiousness that you may find at other upscale restaurants.”

Because Jaworski likes to use local food products, the Mediterranean-influenced menu may regularly change. “The local farming scene will dictate the menu,” Jaworski said. To learn more about Nosh and the developing downtown area, click here.

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