Online Travel Magazine Lists Top 21 Things to Do in Winona

The online travel publication, Vacation Idea has compiled a list of the top 21 things to to in Winona, MN. 

The writers begin with a paragraph extolling the virtues of Winona, saying about the city, “Known for its picturesque vistas, abundant parks, historic sites, and stunning architecture, the city is a natural oasis highlighted by an extraordinary history. The city’s downtown features 11 monumental blocks devoted to its architectural distinction from stone and stained glass masterpieces to remarkable basilica structures.”

The list includes highlights of any visit to Winona, including: The Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Sugar Loaf Bluff, and Garvin Heights Park. It also lists a number of local businesses that wow visitors to the area, such as: The Blue Heron Coffeehouse, Island City Brewery, and Bloedow’s Bakery. The writers also include some locations a just short drive from Winona’s city center, like: The Pickwick Mill, Great River Bluffs State Park, and John A. Latsch State Park.

Of Sugarloaf Bluff they write, “Arguably the most distinguishing landmark in Winona, Sugar Loaf is a towering bluff uniquely capped by a rock pinnacle situated along the Mississippi River… Visitors flock to Sugar Loaf for its incredible hiking trails and magnificent scenic vistas of the lake, river valley, and magnificent city.”

You can see the full list and read their descriptions in the article here

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