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The Winona Ice Park is Open for the Season!


The Winona Ice Park is Open for the Season!

We are excited to open for the season in our new location just west of the Sugarloaf Bluff! A big thank you to the adjacent landowners and volunteers who support this project and make it possible. This resource is a privilege, let’s all work together to ensure access continues for years to come. Please be respectful of other visitors, adjacent private property, and the environment. Now let’s get into some details so you can get here and check it out!

● Parking is located at the Sugarloaf Trailhead on East Lake Boulevard (along the road by Edina Realty)
● Access the park by hiking the Sugarloaf Trail to the saddle then take the trail to the right (look for signs)
● Access to both the base and the top is from the same trail- there is NO access from the top of the bluff to the Ice Park- please do not park up top
● Please do not build anchors over the trail
Know before you go– check the city website and/or Facebook to be sure the Park is open- we will periodically close for maintenance or to farm more ice. For your safety do not enter the park if it is closed as we could be clearing loose ice or debris.
            Facebook Groups:
                   Winona Park & Recreation
                   Winona Ice Park
                   Midwest Ice Conditions

Rules (the Red Tape):
● Crampons and helmets are required for all persons climbing
● Helmets are required for all people within the climbing area
● No unattended fixed ropes allowed
● Please be courteous and respectful to your fellow climbers
● It is suggested that all children are accompanied by an adult
● Please do not cause unnecessary impact to the climbing area
● Practice “Leave No Trace” principles while on public land- pick up trash, do not damage the rock, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at the park or in town enjoying a post climb appetizer at one of our local establishments- stay safe and have fun!

Climb On,
City of Winona Park & Rec

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