Tiny Spoons Bakery Thrives, Looks to Expand

Winona State University University News reporter Judith Becker recently took at look at a local home bakery on a mission to expand, that is owned and operated by WSU alumna Alison Bettin.

Becker writes “[Bettin] has been hard at work on campus, in the community, and around Minnesota, baking and sharing sweet treats, and spreading sustainable gladness, one delicious bite at a time.” Bettin is a 2018 graduate, “with degrees in a variety of content areas: Biology, Public Administration, Political Science, and Sustainability.” She also holds an adult-learner culinary degree.

Bettin runs her business with a sustainable focus, using local and organic ingredients and sustainable packaging. She has also donated treats and more to a multitude of local organizations and fund-raising events. You can find her products at farmer’s markets throughout the region: Goodview, Winona, Plainview, Lewiston, and Winona State’s once per semester’s Indoor Market.

Becker also reports on the conundrum that success has brought to Bettin, writing, “What began as an in-home, “cottage producer” bakery (financially capped annually by law) has literally boomed in the short amount of time it has been open. It’s now functionally impossible to continue without securing a brick-and-mortar location, a financial challenge Alison did not anticipate.” Becker also reports that Tiny Spoons has announced that they might have to close if a fundraiser to finance a permanent space is not successful.

That fundraiser will be in the form of a Kickstarter campaign developed in part by Will Kitchens, WSU’s Director of StartUp Winona State. Becker writes that the, “campaign [runs] from March 3 through April 1, with a kickoff event scheduled on March 3 from 11am-7pm at 177 Lafayette Street, their intended new location, to help raise money to make their brick and mortar location a reality.”

To learn more about Tiny Spoons and its Kickstarter campaign, visit tinyspoonsmn.com or on Facebook or Instagram @tinyspoonsmn.

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