Treedome Productions Continues to Grow

The Post Bulletin recently wrote about the growth of Treedome Productions. Treedome, a music production studio with a record shop and performance space, continues to foster the music community in Winona, Minnesota with a goal to “be a hub for Winona-area artists and build a network of connections with artists and music makers in the region.”

“Last winter, the group moved into its own commercial space. In September, the group shut down Third Street in Winona for the appropriately named Shut Down Third Street music festival that drew nearly 3,000 people. This season, the group has a holiday concert scheduled and bigger things in mind for 2019,” the article states. “Treedome started as a collaboration between [Nathaniel] Nelson and Ben Strand… the pair initially mulled creating a record label. However, after adding artists to the endeavor to assist designing and photographing album cover art, show posters and filing music videos, the project mission and scope became bigger.” Nelson explains, “We wanted to create a backbone for the arts community by the community. We want to be a resource for artists and companies who need artists.”

To read the whole article and learn more about their upcoming events, click here.

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