WinCraft Shines During the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may be over, but the work is just getting started for WinCraft, a leading manufacturer of licensed and promotional products in charge of manufacturing and shipping the majority of the Super Bowl products. Winona is known for its beautiful bluffs and happening city on the banks of the Mississippi River, but it is also home to many international companies – including WinCraft. 

WinCraft will create over 50 different products with the Patriots logo on it by the end of the week including: lanyards, towels, clocks, can koozies, and so much more. The towels with the winning team’s logo on it – that’s WinCraft. Interestingly, this year may be a bit easier for WinCraft because they have handled the merchandising for the Patriots before (five times to be exact). “Have they saturated their event because they’ve won it six times? Yeah, probably a little,” says the vice president of product management Dave Schipper. “A lot of fans who love them, a lot of fans hate them. But you know that kind of rivalry really increases the interest in football.”

To get an inside look at WinCraft and see what the workers have to say about preparing for the big game, click here.

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