Winona featured in SHRPA blog

Shrpa, a platform that helps you find entertainment and share things to do within your community, featured a day tripper’s visit to Winona. Jenny, @mnroadtrips , filled her day in Winona with 7 adventures.

Her itinerary included stops at:

  • Bloedow Bakery : “The donuts were so soft and delicious!”
  • Sugar Loaf trail head: “It is a 1.2 mile moderately difficult hike to the top of the bluff.”
  • Lakeview Drive Inn: “Lakeview’s root beer is made from scratch with their own recipe so make sure you try a root beer float!”
  • Garvin Heights Overlook: “You can drive or hike up Garvin Heights Park for gorgeous panoramic views of Winona.”
  • Winona Visitor Center: “Here is where you will find the iconic Winona letters.”
  • Pickwick Mill: “It is an historic site and is one of the oldest water powered gristmills found in southeast MN.”
  • Nate and Ally’s Frozen Treats: “This cute shop serves ice cream, self serve frozen yogurt, smoothies, edible cookie dough and many other treats!”



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