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Winonaresources.org is a One-Stop Site for Covid-19 Related Questions

The incredible work being done by the vast network of community organizations and volunteers is one of the reasons Winona is such a dynamic small city. The COVID-19 crisis has only made this clearer. If there’s one thing that we can say for sure about the pandemic, it is that most of us have far more questions than answers relating to it. From knowing about fundamental services to meet basic needs to knowing what’s going on with your favorite seasonal event, it is easy for one to feel overwhelmed. 

Enter the helpers.

One local non-profit, Engage Winona, has put together an incredible webpage where many answers to these questions can be found.  winonaresources.org brings vital local organizations together to provide help in learning about a variety of topics ranging from arts and entertainment to employment to local businesses to where one can make donations or receive help. Some of the organizations involved in moderating the site include: Winona Volunteer Services, Winona Health, Winona Area Chamber of Commerce, and Winona Non-Profit Leaders Roundtable

For example, click on the Employment link on the page’s header, and one can learn about Minnesota Unemployment Benefits, as well as find links to state and local job boards, and get directed towards local resources such as employment agencies and the Winona CareerForce Center. Or, click on the Schools link, and get up to date information about each educational institution from K-12 to higher ed, from public to private.

Visit the website here or scroll down the links below and click to go directly to topic pages

Arts and Entertainment


Church and Faith


Food Shelf and Meals



Social Services

Mental Health

Child Care

Trusted News

Grocery and Restaurants


Government and Utilities



Outdoor and Recreation


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