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Winona’s MMAM included in Great River Road feature

Fall colors inspire many from the Twin Cities and beyond to hop in their cars and head south. The Great River Road, on the Minnesota or the Wisconsin side, offer incredible views of our unblemished bluffs and an easy road trip to embark on a day or weekend cruise.

Mpls-St. Paul Magazine author Steve Marsh recently took to the road with his wife and their puppy and included their highlights in an article published September 24, 2020. “The Drive Along the Great River Road” mentioned small Wisconsin cities such as Pepin, Stockholm and Alma, then dips back into Minnesota and their memorable visit to Winona’s Minnesota Marine Art Museum.

Marsh writes, “Neither Maggie nor I have been inside a museum for months, so while touring MMAM’s uninhabited galleries—the two of us monitored on a 1:1 ratio by their security guards—my mask pulls double duty as it also hides my total awe.”

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