Welcome Visit Winona partners!

Visit Winona’s mission is to market the Winona area as a year-round travel destination to potential visitors.

2022 Visit Winona Partnership and Advertising now closed

Watch for our 2022 Winona Visitor Guide to begin distribution soon!

Never before has travel meant so much. More than a year of staring at the same four walls has spurred wanderlust for new, incredibly entertaining and maybe–dare we say it?–surprisingly weird destinations 😉 The ability to inspire is where Visit Winona shines. We love chatting folks up about the Winona area in as many ways and on as many platforms as we can, and visitors are eager to hear from us.
Partner Benefits include:
  1. Full Online Directory listing at www.VisitWinona.com
  2. 2022 Visitor Guide full listing – business name, telephone, address, and website
  3. Visitor Center rack space
  4. Placement of giveaways/coupons provided by business in Welcome Bags
  5. Winona area updates, referrals, marketing and grant opportunities through Visit Winona

Partners are invited to download the Visit Winona logo below in JPEG or PNG format, to be used only as a direct link on that partner’s website to VisitWinona.com. Any other uses of this logo are strictly prohibited.

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