Mary Polus, owner, Bloedow Bakery

“Partnership in Visit Winona has not only given Bloedow Bakery additional marketing exposure, but a way to be part of something bigger – the Winona hospitality community.  We are part of the “package” for those visiting Winona.  It has also given us the opportunity to network with others in the Winona hospitality industry.  We’ve made connections that have directly resulted in sales for the bakery and opportunities for the future.  We’ve also learned more about what is happening in our community, allowing us to share that with our customers.”

Brenda Jannsen, owner, Treasures Under Sugar Loaf

“Visit Winona has been a tremendous help for Treasures Under Sugar Loaf right from the beginning! The extensive online and print advertising was what drew us in, but we were unprepared for everything else. Our customers constantly ask for hotel and restaurant recommendations, directions for getting around town, and hiking up Sugar Bluff. Visit Winona has given us resources to keep our customers happy and has given us new customers by word-of-mouth praise!”

Tim Glowczewski, owner, Lakeview Drive Inn

“Many businesses can’t directly see how well the Visitor Center and Visit Winona work for them. Lakeview Drive Inn directly benefits from the Visit Winona website, brochure and Visitors Center. I know, because I ask new or unfamiliar customers how they found us or knew where we were located. Word of mouth, the internet and the printed word are great tools Visit Winona uses to promote us, and you, one of their local partners. I thank you for what you do!”

Shelley King, manager, Holiday Inn Express & Suites

“The Visit Winona Partnership Program offers our business new and better ways of reaching potential customers that we otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to reach. It continues to amaze me at how much Winona has to offer Visitors and locals all year long. Visit Winona is a huge part of bringing visitors to our area, and it’s been such a pleasure working with Pat and Kate.”

Bailey Bestul, former owner, Pointour Historic Walking Tours

“Visit Winona has been instrumental in my company’s success and growth. They truly want to see my business succeed and have so kindly assisted me in any way they could using their incredible resources, like the Visitors’ Center and their awesome partnership network. Pointour would not be where it is today without my Visit Winona partnership.”