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Great Wisconsin Vacation Ideas

Among the best places to go in Wisconsin, Trempealeau is located on in the west central part of the state, on a scenic riverside site at the base of the Trempealeau bluffs on the east bank of the Mississippi River. Native American burial mounds indicate that people lived in the Trempealeau vicinity for hundreds of years before the first French explorers camped in the area in the late 1600’s. The locality was named for the distinctive geological landmark called Trempealeau Mountain, which is located just upriver in Perrot State Park. Area Indians referred to the water-surrounded bluffs as the “Mountain soaking in the water,” which the French translated as “La Montagne qui trempe a l’eau;” hence Trempealeau (pronounced trem-pillow).

Looking for top Wisconsin vacation spots? Look no further as you spend a night at one of our friendly lodging places and enjoy a great meal at one of our restaurants. Trempealeau has Wisconsin vacation ideas in store for you. Here, the sunsets are breathtaking and the mornings are crisp and clean.Visit us soon and make some Wisconsin vacation memories.


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