Even Frozen, We’re the City of Festivals

It’s winter. I know — it’s the kind of season that makes you want to [...]


Putting the Epic in Epicenter

Let’s face it, Winona is kind of the epicenter of everything that’s good about the [...]


Spring Salvation

Spring has sprung, and if you are at all familiar with Winona’s annual event calendar, [...]

Some like it frozen

You have to admiT – it’s kind of amusing that the thing making Winona (and [...]


The Winona Factor

So Winona had an exciting run in the spotlight for the last couple of months [...]


Let the music play…

Dear Music lovers and Music Curious, You may have heard a little something about this [...]


Food, fun, and fans for free~

April 14. It’s time, people, and God knows we’ve been waiting. In case you haven’t [...]

Thanks for the memories~

When you live in a town for long enough, everywhere you go conjures up a [...]


The lost blog – Shout-outs to a fine town

So I’ve been sitting here wondering why one of my flowing missives was not showing [...]


Life on the fringe…

This town is so cool. Everybody has Fridays, right? Yeah, big deal. Winona takes that [...]


A Shakespeare love affair~

So I was at a little shindig this week at the Winona County History Center [...]


The hills are alive…

No, this is not a post about horror movies, silly. It’s a post about music, [...]

Winona loves its history…

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring out there, and you know what that [...]

People are talking…

So I was up in the Twin Cities last weekend with a cadre of newspaper [...]

Why people move to Winona…

I came to Winona from the Twin Cities almost exactly 16 years ago, and at [...]

What is so great about Winona?

Well let me tell you. People drove all the way from the Twin Cities last [...]

The legacy of Winona

I love it when people have good ideas. I extra love it when those good [...]

A whole lot of Shakespeare going on~

Oh.My.Gosh. Shakespeare fever.  Winona has it, and there is no cure except for a seat [...]

Rock on, Tourism

Sixty five million dollars. That, friends, is a big chunk of change. It’s also how [...]

Yo-Yo Ma is going to love Winona too…

You know I’ve been dying to write about this… Yo-Yo Ma, as in the undisputed [...]

A big ‘wow’ at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum

I went to a shindig at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum yesterday, enticed by curator [...]

Eat your heart out, New York City

So I just came back from a trip to New York City and all I [...]

Hellooooooo Shakespeare!

Now listen, those of you who are about to stop reading because you think this [...]

A Homecoming for the Dakota

Friday morning I had breakfast with a very hard working group of people doing something [...]